• Shear Savvy Secrets and Strategies for Successful Salon Apprenticeships Become More Efficient
    Utilize your apprentice as your assistant and increase the number of clients you service in a day!
  • Your Solution for Growth
    Start an apprenticeship program in your salon today!
  • Become A Mentor
    Inspire your apprentice to share your success!
  • Choose a Manicurist or Esthetician Apprenticeship
    Train a manicurist or esthetician in a 6 month program.
    Cosmetologist apprenticeship is 24 months in most states.

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Increase Your Income

Eliminate the need for a paid assistant and increase the salon's productivity by utilizing your apprentice.

Grow Your Business

Share your salon's philosophy and knowledge and produce qualified vested team members.

Available in Two Versions

Paperback with CD ROM - $74.95

E-Book with E-Docs - $47.95


"I am not a business major, I am a creative genius.  This book is the revolutionary approach to help all of the "organizationally challenged" accomplish what they want most, sharing what they know and develop a staff member. I highly recommend. M. Masters, MA

"It was an easy decision to implement the program into my salon. Not only do we have the extra time in the schedule to accommodate the training, but the staff are happy because they are reaping the benefits and love to share what they know with the apprentice."
A Jones, New Jersey