• Shear Savvy Secrets and Strategies for Successful Salon Apprenticeships Become More Efficient
    Utilize your apprentice as your assistant and increase the number of clients you service in a day!
  • Your Solution for Growth
    Start an apprenticeship program in your salon today!
  • Become A Mentor
    Inspire your apprentice to share your success!
  • Choose a Manicurist or Esthetician Apprenticeship
    Train a manicurist or esthetician in a 6 month program.
    Cosmetologist apprenticeship is 24 months in most states.

Benefits of the book...

Anyone can follow this extremely well written book to lay the foundation for growth in any salon. The vicious circle of hiring and firing under qualified new graduates is over. This book will show you how to run an apprenticeship program with peace of mind and a sense of control. You will learn how to delegate responsibilities and maintain an organized program.

The book provides all necessary documents that are required to accompany a School of Cosmetology application in the event your state does not have approved apprenticeship guidelines. The electronic documents can be opened, customized, printed and used as resources throughout the program. Open, edit and print these ready-to-use documents to help you get approval from the state, identify salon culture, select your director of education, hold meetings, identify responsibilities, track homework and lesson plans and more.

Preparing for a nail technician apprenticeship, esthetician apprenticeship or full cosmetology apprenticeship is simple. Topics for meetings that need to be held, the time line for completion and and an Apprenticeship Contract are all covered in detail.

Each step has been tested and perfected to ensure efficiency, ease of use and success for the apprentice, the owner and the salon.

Electronic Documents aka Comprehensive CD

All of the work has been done for you to ensure your paperwork is organized and ready for State Board inspections. All you have to do is open, edit and print. Documents include Cosmetology Apprenticeship Guide or Contract, Salon Floor Plan, Apprentice Schedule, Time line for Completion, Notice to Suspend, Notice to Terminate, Request to Transfer Hours, Practical Service hours Requirements Spreadsheet, Expectations Meeting Agenda, Quarterly Review and More!




Increase Your Income

Eliminate the need for a paid assistant and increase the salon's productivity by utilizing your apprentice.

Grow Your Business

Share your salon's philosophy and knowledge and produce qualified vested team members.

Available in Two Versions

Paperback with CD ROM - $74.95

E-Book with E-Docs - $47.95


"I am not a business major, I am a creative genius.  This book is the revolutionary approach to help all of the "organizationally challenged" accomplish what they want most, sharing what they know and develop a staff member. I highly recommend. M. Masters, MA

"It was an easy decision to implement the program into my salon. Not only do we have the extra time in the schedule to accommodate the training, but the staff are happy because they are reaping the benefits and love to share what they know with the apprentice."
A Jones, New Jersey

"This book is the best business tool a salon owner could have. I feel so much better now that I have chosen to take control of the future of my business. We are halfway through our first apprenticeship and have already increased our service dollars with the help of our apprentice." B. Briston, California