• Shear Savvy Secrets and Strategies for Successful Salon Apprenticeships Become More Efficient
    Utilize your apprentice as your assistant and increase the number of clients you service in a day!
  • Your Solution for Growth
    Start an apprenticeship program in your salon today!
  • Become A Mentor
    Inspire your apprentice to share your success!
  • Choose a Manicurist or Esthetician Apprenticeship
    Train a manicurist or esthetician in a 6 month program.
    Cosmetologist apprenticeship is 24 months in most states.

Book Reviews...

“Lori Halloway has created a guide that is easy to follow and leaves nothing to chance; everything is at your fingertips. Shear Savvy is energizing and inspiring – a trustworthy guide to success.” Roseann Tracy, MBA, Author and Business Owner

“Shear Savvy contains excellent information and is extremely well written. I felt like we were having a conversation instead of me reading.” Kathy Jager, author of As the Chair Turns

“I loved the book. It is practical, easy to understand and simple enough for anyone to start an apprenticeship program.” Bert Carder, CEO, Yourbeautynetwork.com.

Shear Savvy is energizing and inspiring, a trustworthy guide to success. The salon industry no longer has to rely on traditional cosmetology schools to produce licensed cosmetologists, nail technicians or estheticians. Now with the help of this book, salon owners can start their own apprenticeship program in their salon and produce qualified vested team members.

Salons all around the United States are using Shear Savvy to guide them through their apprenticeship with ease. Each step of the program was created, tested and perfected to ensure its efficiency, ease of use and success for the apprentice, the owner and the salon.