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Imperial Feet is a product line from the Netherlands I fell in love with after using on my clients for a few months. The line promotes healthy nails and feet. I have used many product lines over the years that promise to improve one condition or another to no avail so when I started using this product line I had my skepticism. I was pleasantly surprised when my clients came back the following month with marked improvement in their nail condition.

Nail Micosis-

This product does not contain any water

Nail mycosis – also known as a fungal toenail infection- is hard to treat and not easy to prevent.
This product has been shown to be highly effective in treating nail mycosis. No water and the addition of glycerin and herbal extracts enhances the healing action.
Tea tree oil works effective against bacteria and fungus. Jojoba oil restores the natural balance of the skin by keeping it hydrated and it works antibacterial.

Fissure Cream-

Finally a solution to painful and disfiguring fissures. Also suitable for the hands. The fissure balm penetrates deep into the fissures.
The essential oils of pines and citrus trees help against very skin. The rosemary oil soothes the skin.
This balm ensures a quick recovery.

Athlete’s Feet Treatment_

A highly effective treatment against athlete’s feet. Athlete’s feet is a fungal infection on the foot and between the toes. Many people suffer from this fungal skin infection, as well as tackling itchiness and peeling skin. The solution is rich in vitamine E that nurtures the skin and promotes softer, more nourished skin. Aloe vera soothes the skin and serves as an anti-inflammatory. The glycerine keeps the skin soft and moist where as almond oil protects the skin and prevents cell damage.

Corns and Calluses Treatment-

The Solution for Corns and Calluses is the easiest, pain-free and guaranteed solution for removing excess corns and calluses. Success is guaranteed due to the clever composition based on lanolin, salicylic acid and walnut shells.
The vaseline soothes dry skin and the salicylic removes dead skin.


Foot Balm-

This balm is ideal for treating dry and itchy feet. The balm contains ingredients that are ideal for everyday care.
The rosemary soothes the skin and the eucalyptus improves the skin health.
Quickly absorbed by the skin.


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