Generating new skin cells is the answer for diminishing lines and wrinkles

Aging isn’t that bad, but looking old sucks! I know, it happens to everyone, but no one likes it! People are always looking for a way to improve the appearance of these lines and wrinkles. Applying some kind of cream or serum to the skin seems to help for the superficial stuff. But what about when the lines start moving and getting deeper!   Maybe we consider getting a peel, laser treatment or even something a little more invasive like Botox or some kind of inject able. Maybe we even fantasize about getting a facelift someday when we just can’t take it anymore. But should we really just wait for it to get so bad we can’t take it?

I want to explain a little in layman’s terms why the skin on our face gets older looking in the first place. There are layers in the skin that skin cells move up through until they reach the surface of our face. They are produced in the basal layer every 3 weeks when we are young and in our 20’s. The surface layer sheds every three weeks and is replaced by the underlying layer on a regular basis. Replacing the surface layer that often results in great looking skin! When we are in our 30’s it takes about 5 weeks for the basal layer to reach the surface. So the surface layer is older and shows subtle signs of aging. When we are in our 40’s it takes about 6 weeks for the skin to regenerate and each decade it slows down more and more. When the skin cell regeneration slows down so does the production of collagen and elastin, the two things responsible for the tightness and thickness of our skin. So in addition to the skin on the surface being older and not being replaced as often it starts to droop a little and feel thinner.

So how do we get our skin to start regenerating faster like it used to? In order to regenerate, the cell needs a certain amount of energy. The total energy of the cell can be estimated chemically from the amount of ATP (adenosine triphosphate) available. This molecule is the basic energy source of all cell activities, including protein synthesis such as Collagen and Elastin and the synthesis of DNA. ATP also serves a direct vital function in the active transport mechanism known as the sodium pump that is responsible for the movement of sodium, potassium, and calcium across the cell’s membranes. When the pump is not functioning, cellular metabolic waste builds up in toxic concentrations while the cell is starving. Several studies have shown that a Perfector treatment significantly increases ATP up to 500%. Allowing the cells to regenerate like they were 20 years old again. So what is a Perfector treatment and where can you get it you ask?

The Perfector is an amazing piece of technology used to turn back time. It is a high tech computer with software that has eight programs. Three programs enhance cell regeneration and muscle toning. These programs build, lift and firm tissue. Two are high frequency lymphatic drainage programs to treat Rosacea and provide instant reduction of pigmentation problems. And three others that help heal the skin. The Perfector uses a signal to communicate with the cells in the basal layer to make them think they are 20 years old again! This communication unlocks a number of biological processes such as increasing collagen, elastin, cell proliferation, blood circulation and regeneration of new tissue. It builds new tissue, lifts sagging muscles and gives you younger looking skin. Wrinkles fade, acne heals, discoloration and scars diminish. Perfector’s non-abrasive skin resurfacing process detoxifies and deep cleanses the skin from dead cells and impurities without thinning the skin as microdermabrasion and laser can eventually do. It is the perfect solution for aging skin without having to resort to other more expensive and invasive procedures. We are so sure you will be amazed by this treatment that we offer a free mini session just so you can see the results for yourself. Results are dramatic in just one treatment. And because the body has actually created new skin cells it isn’t a treatment that wears off. If you only have one treatment, the results don’t just go away. You will age like you normally would from that point forward.

The Perfector is truly the best alternative to plastic surgery. There is no downtime, redness or pain. It is able to reconstruct the muscle tissue to strengthen and tone loose and slack skin, giving a firmer appearance to the face. It stimulates and speeds up the rate at which the body produces its own muscle protein and adenosine triphosphate synthesis (ATP) to reduce the aging effects on muscle tissue. It is able to stimulate and speed up the rate at which the skin produces its own connective tissue fibers, collagen and elastin, so increasing the supportive framework of the dermis.

If you want to turn back the hand of time to see the younger you in the mirror again, you should have a few of these treatments. We guarantee it works and guarantee you will be pleased with the results. Call today to make your appointment for a free mini session and to take advantage of our special linked to this article. Regular priced session is $135, you can get three sessions for $300 when you mention reading this article. We look forward to hearing from you, 734-944-9363.

Here is one before photo. You can pick any line on her face and see that it is better in the after photo. You can also see her eyelid is lifted. This was just one visit.



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