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I own Voilà Salon & Spa and I love my career! I serve people…I love to help people look and feel their best…I feel proud, happy, productive and accomplished everyday! But my family and my faith are what complete me. I am the author of Shear Savvy Secrets & Strategies for Successful Salon Apprenticeships and creator of The Meticulous Manicurist YouTube channel.

The Cause of Splitting, Peeling Nails and Better Alternative Revealed (USA)

People are always talking about how they wish they knew what was causing their fingernails to split and peel. We hypothesize that we are too hard on our nails while doing the dishes, or use them as tools to peel or pry labels from jars or bottles. But have we ever taken a close look at the tool we use to care for our nanail clippersils at home. where to get viagra in south africa

I have never been a fan of those tricky little metal devils. When my children were born, I had to buy those teeny tiny clippers to trim their ever-growing nails. That is whenI changed my mind about nail clippers being a helpful tool. Lets first talk about the odd shape they are made in. There are curved blade clippers and straight edge blade clippers. Neither one fit the shape of a natural nail plate. The curved blade is curved in the wrong direction! We are trying to fit an arched nail plate into a concave apparatus! And the straight edge clipper gives me the heebie jeebies even more.

I recently made a video showing  your nail plate between the blades and what happens when you squeeze down, the blades actually flatten out your nail. This is such an awful feeling. It feels like the edges of my nail were just going to snap before the blades ever cut through the nail at all. Even if the nail clippers were inserted at an angle the nail still flattened out when the clippers were squeezed. The nail plate is not intended to have excess strain or stress on the layers of the nail plate. And if there is excess force it can crack the adhesion of the keratin that is holding all the layers together.

I don’t know why it took my giving birth and using clippers on my infant son to figure out the nail clippers were actually the culprit of the splitting and peeling nails of my clients. Now when I give a manicure in the salon I use a nail file to shorten the nails 99% of the time. Some clients were still having a problem with their nails splitting and peeling. And would ask what I thought the reason for that was from. I never stopped to ask if they were using clippers on their nails at home. online viagra and cialis

I decided 15 years to never use nail clippers again. I began asking my clients if they were using clippers at home and asked them to stop using them so we could see if the splitting and peeling ceased. I asked them to use a nail file if they felt the need to shorten their nails before their next visit to the salon. The clients nails improved, the splitting and peeling stopped when they started using a nail file to shorten their nails.

I do not even keep clippers at my nail station at the salon. I have had clients ask me to “clip” their nails and I tell them I will shorten them with a file or use my cuticle nippers. When you insert the edge of the cuticle nippers on the edge of the nail plate and squeeze it doesn’t bend the nail. It just shears off the length. I have had one client who just couldn’t get past not using nail clippers. She began to clip her nails at home before coming in for her manicure service. Every visit she came in with chipped, peeling nails. I tried to explain it was from her using the nail clippers but she was not convinced. It took about 6 months before I could convince her to just stop using the nail clippers for 3 appointments. Let me shorten your nails and see if your nail polish chips off and your nails split. She agreed. And now she is a believer. Her nails are doing wonderfully with no chipping, no splitting, no peeling. where to order viagra online

Now if you don’t have a problem with your nails splitting or cracking, that is great. But if you are, and you are using those little metal nail clippers, it may be time to do a little experiment of your own. Go buy a nice nail file to shorten and shape your nails with for a while and let’s see what happens 🙂 viagra sale usa

There is also a video coming out in the next few weeks on my YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8O6B9XeAoG10cKUdYGC3YQ, about how to apply the correct amount of pressure on your nail file to avoid damaging your nail plate, so watch for that. Be sure to subscribe and you will be notified so you can be one of the first to watch it.


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Nail Tech Talk “5 funniest things that happened in the salon this week.”

nailtechtalktop5Top 5 Funniest Salon Moments This Week

1. My client was late for her appointment. She is never late for her appointments so I was beginning to worry a bit. When she arrived she was frazzled because she hates being late. She immediately started apologizing and said “Oh Lori, Lori I am so sorry I’m late. I was on my way here and I thought, oh my goodness something’s wrong, something’s very wrong, something doesn’t feel right with the accelerator.” To which I responded, “Oh….were you running out of gas?”  She said, “NO! I looked down at the gas pedal and I still had my slippers on! I thought to myself I can’t go in and see Lori looking like this!  I had to turn around and go back home and change my shoes and that is why I am late!” Her delivery had everyone in the room laughing hysterically. was kostet eine viagra pille

2. A client told me a story about a disagreement she had with his sister-in-law, which got pretty heated.  Her sister-in-law just ranted and raved and would not stop. She wouldn’t let my client get a word in and kept interrupting as she responded to her sister-in-law.  She made an effort to shut her up by saying “you really should shut your mouth because I know how to throw a punch and not break a nail!” That shocked her enough to stop talking so my client could respond without further interruptions. Cialis 10 mg

3. A client told me a story about being in one of the recently remodeled schools. She commented on the new configuration at the entrance. (With all the school shootings in the news, the school board voted to beef up security at the school entrance.) She said she felt very intimidated, like she was about to enter a secure building… like a prison.  She had to ring the buzzer and the person on the other end asked what they wanted.  She said she were dropping something off for her son and she was buzzed in. She made a joke saying she was waiting for someone to come out and tell her to “turn to around, put your hands against the wall, spread your legs shoulder width apart…do you have any latex allergies?” while they were getting gloved up! We laughed and laughed. cialis for sale

4. A client told a story about her argumentative 12 year old son.  Her son will not stay in the bathroom whiile he brushes his teeth. He walks around the hallway and into his bedroom and drips toothpaste slobber all over the carpet. She has told him a million times to stay in the bathroom while he brushes and over the sink. Of course the boy never listens.  That night before bed the mother told her son to get a rag and clean the toothpaste off his bedroom floor.  Of course he argued with her that there was no toothpaste on the floor. She pointed out the toothpaste on the floor and told him to get a rag and clean it up. To which he said “how do you knoooow it’s toothpaste?” The mother asked “well what else would it be?” The mother said “I know it’s toothpaste, I see you drip while you walk around, that’s why I tell you to stay in the bathroom to brush your teeth” and started to walk away.  When the boy didn’t think she was looking anymore he got down on his knees and sniffed the carpet! Just one last ditch effort to try and get out of cleaning the carpet!

5. A woman came into the salon and said “Halloway are you f’ing kidding me? I checked out your YouTube channel!” I smiled and thought what in the world is she about to say! She said “357,000 people watched you scrub dead skin off some lady’s feet! And you get paid for that? That is bulls&%t. You need to come over to my house and I will let you rub my foot all up in thoses big bo%&ies. Then lets see how many hits that bad boy gets, because momma needs a new roof!” I couldn’t stop laughing for about 10 minutes! viagra 100 mg best price

Bonus Funny

The last bonus funny is about me.  My husband Bruce made fun of me the entire day after this happened. He told everyone that came into the salon what I said that day.  Let’s just start by saying, I never know what day of the month it is. I just get up and go. And this month is our 20 year anniversary.  We knew we were not going to be able to do anything because of the boys football schedule.  Bruce said we were going to be at the football field on Thursday watching our child’s game. Well, he actually said Tuesday but I remember Thursday. So Thursday came and we got ready for work and got to the salon. I thought oh crap i didn’t tell him Happy Anniversary today! So I got my client settled into the pedicure chair. And went out and gave him a hug and said,”Happy Anniversary”. He started laughing and said “Ah ha I have a witness, did you hear that?” he said to my client. She said “yes that was sweet.” He said, “if I had done something like this she would kill me.” And we were both confused. The client said “that was really sweet of her.” And he said, “yes it would have been if today was our anniversary! Our anniversary is on Tuesday!” To which I said,” What! Today isn’t the 27th? He said no today is the 22nd! UUGGHHHHHH


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Newest Nail Trend 2016 “Evanesce Nails”

Evanesce Nails
Evanesce Nails

Newest Nail Trend 2016 “Evanesce Nails”


Beside sounding seductive and beautiful, the word truly fits in the nail industry. It means to gradually fade away. And what better to fade away but the color on the nail plate.

The technique of Evanesce Nails is to start with full color on the pinky nail and gradually have the color fade away moving across the hand. It appears as if a lighter color is growing up the nail plate as you move across the fingers. By the time you reach the thumb it will all be the lighter color. And to top it off, she adds color to the back of the nail using additive powders. The back of the nail matches the front tip of the nail! How fun and creative is that!

Creator of this new naEvanesce Nailsil technique is a veteran in the nail industry, Lori Halloway. Some of you may know her as The Meticulous Manicurist, the name she goes by on her YouTube channel. Or her book, Shear Savvy Secrets and Strategies for successful salon apprenticeships.

Lori fell in love with colored acrylic this year to keep her nails looking beautiful while filming for her YouTube channel and servicing her clients. She likes to mix colors with glitters to get a custom color that matches her style
. But still wanted something a little more unique. So she created Evanesce Nails. Lori uses colored acrylic on her own nails to apply this technique but uses polish, gel polish, and glitters on her clients.

We hope you have a ball creating your masterpieces using this new technique. Be sure to tag The Meticulous Manicurist in your posts so we can see what you have created!


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Blue Mosaic Color Blocking Nail Art Tutorial

buy levitra with no prescription Three things you never knew about polishing the perfect french manicure tip

Tips to polish the perfect french tip

Polishing a French manicure is trickier than it looks.  There are several variables involved that no one ever thinks about and today I’m going to tell you what they are. Levitra CVS

1. You only use a very small triangular corner of the brush.

2. You only use a small dab of polish on the tip of the brush. 

3. You have to use your fingers on your opposite hand to pull the skin away from your nail wall so you are able to get the corner of they brush into the corner where the line begins on the free edge.

Let’s expand on those tips.

1. You only use a very small triangular corner of the brush.

The brush is way to big to use on the tip of the nail. This area is called the free edge. We need to make the brush smaller to get into the area where the line will begin in the corner of the free edge. You have to pretend that the brush only exists of the triangular corner of the brush. This is the part you are going to use.

2. You only use a small dab of polish on the tip of the brush. 

When you remove the polish applicator from the bottle you’re going to wipe the back of brush on the rim of the bottle and the front of the brush on the rim of the bottle so there is no polish on the brush. As polish runs down the stem of the applicator you are going to have to wipe the bristles again to remove excess polish. You are then going to pick up a very small amount of polish from the inside of the neck of the bottle. You are not going to re dip the brush into the bottle. 

3. You have to use your fingers on your opposite hand to pull the skin away from your nail wall so you are able to get the corner of they brush into the corner where the line begins on the free edge.

You’re going to pull back the skin of your finger with an opposite finger so you can get as close to the corner of your nails possible without getting it on the skin. You’re going to draw a smile line from the corner of the nail the center of the name. Now you’re going to use the opposite corner of the brush and go to the other side of the nail. You’re going to connect the edge of the nail to the center of the nail connecting the line so you have a smile line. When you pull the skin down and away from the nail wall you have more room to get the corner of the brush in the area.


Now because you used a very small amount of nail polish and applied it very thin, it should be almost completely dry in a matter of minutes. If you feel like you need to apply a second coat for better coverage you are able to do so.  Now you’re going to use a polish color of your choice to go over the entire nail. You are only going to use one coat of this color. The last step is to apply a fast drying top coat to the entire surface of the nail.

You are going to use the same process of wiping the brush before applying color of your choice and before applying the top coat. You are going to wipe the front of the brush and the back of the brush until there’s nothing left on the brush. Then you’re going to pick up a very small amount of polish from the inside of the neck of the bottle. You are not going to read dip the brush in the polish bottle.


I hope that you were able to learn a few tricks to polishing a French manicure and you check out the video tutorial on my YouTube channel the meticulous manicurist. If you enjoy the video please like and share my video so others can enjoy it too 🙂


Click to see tutorial to learn 3 things you never knew about polishing a perfect french tip

Tips to polish the perfect french tip

Pedicures have tremendous health benefits and no longer considered pampering.

Health Benefits of Pedicures

Why do you think people feel so good after they get a pedicure from a licensed nail technician? It may surprise you that it isn’t just the polish color they picked and that’s the truth. If you ask twenty people after their pedicure service why they get a pedicure, most will tell you it is because they feel so great afterward.  There are so many health benefits and overall well being actions that take place during a pedicure that most people don’t even know about. And the cumulation of these things are why you feel so fantastic after your pedicure.

Health benefits of pedicures
Health benefits of pedicures

The word pedicure is derived from the Latin words pedis which means “of the foot”, and cura, which means “care”. Foot care is a very important part of maintaining your health and well being. That is why it is especially important to see a licensed professional who is following state board patron protection and sanitation regulations to avoid injury during the service. One important Michigan law you should be aware of, it is not legal to use a Credo Blade or razor blade to remove calluses during a pedicure service. Doing so can cause bleeding and the release of blood born pathogens.

What to Expect During a Pedicure

Women get the importance of a pedicure and many men are slowly, but surely understanding how important it is to their health. Many men shutter at the idea of a pedicure due to the fear of the unknown, but after getting a professional pedicure they look forward to the next one! So lets talk about what to expect.

* A good pedicure service is a 45  min to 60 min service. You can get an express pedicure in 30 min but you don’t get all the  benefits.

First you enter a private room where you sit in a reclining massage chair and slide your feet into an attached whirlpool tub. The tub is filled with hot water and an aromatherapy foot soak to soften the skin. The whirlpool bath improves circulation and helps reduce pain and swelling.

The cuticles are then softened with a cuticle treatment, the toenails are trimmed and filed and meticulous care is taken with the cuticles to remove excess buildup.

A sea salt scrub is applied to the lower leg and gently massaged to remove dead skin cells and moisturize the skin.

The most enjoyable part of the pedicure is the  foot and leg massage. Utilizing reflexology techniques, the massage is given to relax tense, hard working muscles.

Finally, we clean up of the nail plate by removing all debris and oils left on the nail plate from the massage and prep the nail for polish application.

Health Benefits of a Pedicure

So where are the health benefits you ask?

Performing these steps insures removal of bacteria and germs around the nail plate.

Eliminates foot odor and prevents ingrown toenails and infection.

Exfoliation  encourages healthy skin cell renewal, prevents cracking and softens calluses.

Foot and leg massage utilizing reflexology techniques increases circulation, relaxes muscles and encourages healing in many parts of the body.

You gain improved skin, muscles and joints and prevention of common foot problems and infections. Overall your body relaxes when your feet become pain free and the therapeutic benefits promote a happy mood. A professional pedicure has been shown to alleviate back, hip and joint pain!

We are seeing more and more men, mostly upon their wives request, and we are thrilled they are finally OVER feeling funny about getting their feet done! We are concerned about your health and guarantee your safety by following all patron protection rules and regulations including equipment and implements protocols. We recommend a monthly pedicure to keep your feet happy and healthy all year long! We look forward to seeing you soon!

Author: Lori Halloway

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