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Imperial Feet

Imperial Feet

Imperial Feet is a product line from the Netherlands I fell in love with after using on my clients for a few months. The line promotes healthy nails and feet. I have used many product lines over the years that promise to improve one condition or another to no avail so when I started using this product line I had my skepticism. I was pleasantly surprised when my clients came back the following month with marked improvement in their nail condition.

Nail Micosis-

This product does not contain any water

Nail mycosis – also known as a fungal toenail infection- is hard to treat and not easy to prevent.
This product has been shown to be highly effective in treating nail mycosis. No water and the addition of glycerin and herbal extracts enhances the healing action.
Tea tree oil works effective against bacteria and fungus. Jojoba oil restores the natural balance of the skin by keeping it hydrated and it works antibacterial.

Fissure Cream-

Finally a solution to painful and disfiguring fissures. Also suitable for the hands. The fissure balm penetrates deep into the fissures.
The essential oils of pines and citrus trees help against very skin. The rosemary oil soothes the skin.
This balm ensures a quick recovery.

Athlete’s Feet Treatment_

A highly effective treatment against athlete’s feet. Athlete’s feet is a fungal infection on the foot and between the toes. Many people suffer from this fungal skin infection, as well as tackling itchiness and peeling skin. The solution is rich in vitamine E that nurtures the skin and promotes softer, more nourished skin. Aloe vera soothes the skin and serves as an anti-inflammatory. The glycerine keeps the skin soft and moist where as almond oil protects the skin and prevents cell damage.

Corns and Calluses Treatment-

The Solution for Corns and Calluses is the easiest, pain-free and guaranteed solution for removing excess corns and calluses. Success is guaranteed due to the clever composition based on lanolin, salicylic acid and walnut shells.
The vaseline soothes dry skin and the salicylic removes dead skin.


Foot Balm-

This balm is ideal for treating dry and itchy feet. The balm contains ingredients that are ideal for everyday care.
The rosemary soothes the skin and the eucalyptus improves the skin health.
Quickly absorbed by the skin.


These products are now available on my online store 

Top Ingrown Toenail Video Tutorials

I have had so much feedback on my ingrown toenail tutorials and the general consensus is most nail technicians are not cleaning under or around the free edge of the nail as much as they should be. If the nail is cut to an appropriate length it will be less intimidating to work on and around. Impacted toenails should be treated for pain relief during a pedicure service as long as they are not infected. Learn the difference between an ingrown toenail and impacted toenail by watching this tutorial.


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Did you know only about 50% of discolored or thickened, dystrophic-appearing, nails have a fungal infection?

Did you know only about 50% of discolored or thickened, dystrophic-appearing, nails have a fungal infection?

It is possible for the layman to believe a thickened nail must mean a nail fungus is present. When concern a person has a nail fungus presents itself, before treating them cosmetically, it is best to refer the person to their general practitioner who can refer them to a podiatrist or dermatologist to correctly identify the condition if needed. Only about 50% of discolored or dyst


rophic-appearing nails have a fungal infection confirmed with culture. And 20% of the adult population has onychomycosis, nail fungus.

Thickened Toenail Caused by Chemotherapy


There are many other causes for a nail to become thickened or discolored. Treatment like chemotherapy can cause changes in the nail matrix and cause an overproduction of nail cells that form the nail plate. Older people are at an increased risk of nail alterations, including normal age-related changes and disorders that more commonly affect this specific population. Secondary factors are important contributors to pathologic nail changes, including impaired circulation at the distal extremities, faulty

biomechanics, infections, neoplasms, and skin or systemic diseases with nail manifestations.¹

The many other causes of nail thickening and discoloration, which are not a fungus, include:


1. Onychogryphosis thickening and distortion of the nail, typically of the big toe, thought to be due to previous nail bed trauma.²

2. Onychauxis, an overgrowth or thickening of the nail, reveals nothing to the casual observer, the tech, or the doctor. Many times, in fact, onychauxis is a natural part of aging.3


If the thickening is caused by a fungus it “can sometimes be cured,” says Dr. Schumacher. “When a nail is thick because of a fungal infection” ” treatment of the infection may cure the nail.” In cases like this, the nail may be able to grow in healthy after the primary condition has been resolved. However, if onychauxis is caused by trauma and the matrix is damaged, it’s more likely that the thickness will need to be maintained through regular manicures or pedicures, because the nail may continue to grow in thicker than normal nails. Since a doctor must determine a cause before treatment is recommended, there is not a standard treatment for onychauxis. 4

3. Trauma (tight shoes, nail-biting).

4. Poor foot care.



Subungual melanoma


Lichen planus.

5.  Eczema (irritant or allergic contact dermatitis).


6. Lichen planus.

7. Subungual melanoma.

8. Psoriatic nail disease. Psoriasis can affect the skin, nails, and joints. Classically, psoriatic nail disease consists of onycholysis; salmon (oil) spots (discolored areas that represent nail bed psoriasis); an irregular pitting pattern; and onychauxis. The Koebner phenomenon, or the appearance of lesions at the site of in


jury, can also occur in the nails and may manifest in an asymmetrical presentation. If a patient presents with an onychomycosis-like nail involvement and has failed oral antifungals, one should consider a diagnosis of psoriatic nail disease. Also, if psoriatic plaques and nail dystrophy are present, they do not automatically lead to a diagnosis of psoriatic nail disease. This is why culture and biopsy with negative PAS stain are essential to achieving the correct diagnosis.5


9. Bacterial paronychia – e.g., Pseudomonas spp. infection.

Bacterial paronychia

10. Systemic disease – e.g., thyroid disease, diabetes, peripheral arterial disease.

11. Rare systemic disorders – e.g., keratosis follicularis (Darier’s disea

Yellow Nail Syndrome

se), yellow nail syndrome, nail-patella syndrome, pachyonychia congenital.


Idiosyncratic drug reaction

12. Idiosyncratic drug reaction (especially tetracyclines, quinolones and psoralens).


It is a “nail myth” that “nail thickness is caused by separation of the nail layers.”

The layman explanation to most of the causes of a thickened nail, items in the above list, is due to changes in the matrix which produce the nail cells. Nail cells move up the nail bed after being produced. When the matrix experiences change due to trauma, circulation or disease, it can create an overproduction of nail cells creating the thickened nail.

The technical term for layers of the nail separating is Onychoschizia. It is the transverse and lamellar splitting of the free edge and nail plate. The causes are excess wetting and drying of the nail, trauma, nail enhancements or polish, and systemic diseases. But does not include thickening of the nail.

Nail fungus caused by dermatophytes can cause an illusion of a thickened nail. The invasion of the organism causes mild inflammation, the skin under the nail to thicken (focal parakeratosis), and an overproduction of keratin (subungual hyperkeratosis) which push the nail up from the nail bed creating an illusion of thickness.6

Older people are at an increased risk of nail alterations, including normal age-related changes and disorders that more commonly affect this specific population. Secondary factors are important contributors to pathologic nail changes, including impaired circulation at the distal extremities, faulty biomechanics, infections, neoplasms, and skin or systemic diseases with nail manifestations.7

Holding a nail technology or cosmetology license makes you the best advocate for the people who trust and look to you for your expert advice your license gives you, and the knowledge to know when to refer them to a physician. You were trained and tested on nail disorders and diseases. When in doubt always refer to a physician. Holding a nail technology or cosmetology license does not prevent you from educating yourself beyond the nail technology course. Always follow your state board guidelines regarding this topic when it comes to treating your clients cosmetically.

Links to supporting documentation are included in this post.

Definitions that are not explained above.

Nail dystrophy refers to poor nail formation, usually as the result of trauma or infection. When caused by trauma, the nail becomes discolored due to blood pooling underneath the nail. Over time, the nail breaks away from the nail bed until it detaches completely.8

  1. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3038811/
  2. https://patient.info/doctor/fungal-nail-infections-pro
  3. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3038811/
  4. http://www.nailsmag.com/article/82023/what-is-onychauxis
  5. http://www.podiatrytoday.com/how-treat-dystrophic-nails
  6. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3038811/
  7. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3038811/
  8. http://naildystrophy.com/

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The Art of Hand Massage

The digital edition of Nails Magazine came out today! My tutorial on The Art of Hand Massage is on page 123 with a link to the video on my YouTube channel The Meticulous Manicurist. If you have not checked it out please do. I hope you support my efforts and share with your friends hwsozze. I look forward to another productive year filled with new videos. You can also find blog posts with great information on www.themeticulousmanicurist.com here is the link to the magazine article http://nailsmag.epubxp.com/i/745500-dec-2016

How to help a client after someone ruined their nails

How to recognize and recover from damage on the nail plate.

As much as we wish the care of our clients nails was solely in our hands, sometimes the sh@t just hits the fan. So you haven’t seen a client in a few months. Your schedule was too busy and they couldn’t get in or maybe they were out-of-town. But the dreaded thing happened, they saw another nail technician who ruined their nails. How in the world could a nail technician ruin someone’s nails by giving them a manicure you ask? Well I am glad you asked. Take a look at the picture
img_1554 order levitra online uk

here on the right. Tell me what you see. What color do you see in her nail that should not be there? Let’s start at the bottom and work our way to the tip. We see her healthy looking Lunula, the flesh-colored nail and then wham dark pinky red color followed by a peeling thinned out free edge. Someone filed the top of her nail plate with something other than a 240 grit buffer! That dark pink color is a thinned out section of her nail. The surface of the nail plate has been removed and we are super close to the nail bed. File a few more layers off and she will have a hole in her nail! Her nails feel vulnerable when you touch them, so let’s not touch that area at all. buy cialis

Who knows how long this is going to take to grow out? If a nail grows 1/8″ every couple of weeks this is going to take about 4 months to grow out and become strong again. Here is a photo of the pinky on the right hand. You can see the color change in this nail plate as well.


I would normally suggest having a thin layer of acrylic applied just over the damaged area and let it grow up and off. But she is an artist who works in too many solvents. The acrylic would never last. I don’t want to apply gel polish because I don’t want to take the chance of those paint solvents lifting that off her nail plate and her being tempted to pull it off causing more damage. So we are just going to have to baby these nails. Lots of protein to help make them harder and not bend so easily. Keep them polished and protected. Keep them short, because everything she bumps them into is going to make them split, crack and peel. how to get a viagra prescription from your doctor

So new and old nail technicians alike, let’s learn a lesson from the clients unfortunate experience. Be careful to never apply too much pressure with the buffer block, never use an electric file on the natural nail and never file the top of the nail plate with a nail file. I don’t know for sure what the person that caused this damage used, but I do know it was something stronger than a 240 grit buffer.

The Meticulous Manicurist Nail Tutorials

Real life…Real situations…Real learning

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Fruit Acid May Benefit Your Skin But What Do They Do To Your Acrylic Nails

Fruit Acid May Benefit Your Skin

But What Do They Do To Your Acrylic Nails

You have heard terms like lactic acid, malic acid, alpha hydroxy acid and glycolic acid. There are many many skin care products on the market that contain fruit acids that benefit your skin.  They all have great exfoliating properties to help fine lines and wrinkles. But have you ever asked yourself what do they do your artificial nails? I don’t think that is even on people’s radar when they are applying anti aging products to their face. But it is a real struggle, not only in skin care products but in food you may handle. Lifted acrylic caused by fruit acid exposure

For demonstration purposes I am using a client of mine who wears acrylic nails. She never has a problem with lifting, unless it tomato canning or pepper freeing season. Fruit acids are a real thing, they are in foods we handle all the time. Most of the time our nails are protected because we don’t have our nails submerged in foods that contain these acids, or we are wearing gloves. But occasionally, we accidentally expose our nails and end up having a problem with lifting acrylic.

You should be able to tell just from looking at the color of the nail that lifting of the acrylic has occurred. To the untrained eye there doesn’t really look like there is lifting because it is not lifting at the base of the nail. And there is no visible air bubble, but trust me there is. There is staining in between the acrylic on the nail plate from the acids. This instance was caused by boiling hot peppers so she could freeze them. Fruit acids break down the bond of adhesion and the acrylic lifts off the nail plate. It is important to remove this lifting, file the stain off the nail plate and apply new acrylic to the nail. If you were to let this go, she would most likely get Pseudomonas in between the acrylic and the nail plate over the next week. Levitra Pills For Sale

leslie-acrylis-fill-1So the next time you have a client that  does not normally have a problem with lifting, ask them if they have been boiling tomatoes or peppers! And advise them to wear gloves next time to protect their acrylic nails.

You may even have a client that only has a problem with the first two fingers on her dominant hand. This is most likely caused by some kind of cream she is applying to her face.

Oh, I almost forgot the biggest culprit of lifting acrylic nails at holiday and pie baking season. It’s butter! Yep, good old butter. People are kneading their pie dough and that greasy ingredient is penetrating into their nail plate at the free edge causing the nail to pull away from the acrylic.

Always be on the look out for the cause of the lifting acrylic so you can advise your clients how to prevent it in the future. It is always so much easier to fill nails that have problems than it is to do repairs all the time.


The Meticulous Manicurist Nail Tutorials

Real life…Real situations…Real learning




Finger Baths Should be Outlawed in Nail Schools

Finger Baths Should Be Outlawed lowest prices levitra

I graduated from Nail Technician School in 1994 and I was taught to use a finger bath to soak the cuticles before starting a manicure. It took me about one month to realize this strategy made no sense what so ever. My favorite subjects in high school and college were science and physics so I had a great understanding about how chemicals and elements affect their surroundings. Many people believe the nail plate to be a solid surface, but it is actually porous. Just like a sponge, it has thousands of tiny holes that can and will absorb water. So if you can imagine how your skin gets soggy when it has been submerged in water for a long period time, your nails get soggy too. buy generic sildenafil online

Our goal when giving you a manicure is to care for your cuticles, relieve your stress with a great hand and arm massage and polish your nails so they last. So if your nails are submerged in a finger bath of water they are being water logged and will not hold they polish for any length of time. vicodin and viagra together

I have had clients come in for a manicure and ask, “Aren’t you going to soak my fingers?” And I tell them, “No, I use a cuticle remover that will dissolve the dead skin so I can removed it more efficiently.” “A finger bath will not dissolve the skin that needs to be remove, it will only water log your nails and cause the polish to chip within a few days.” They are doubting Thomas right away of course, the hand massage at the end usually sways them to think I know what I am talking about. But it is the polish that lasts for 2 weeks that makes them a believer and they are back in my chair. I hear things like, “I have never had a manicure last for two weeks in my life!” “I don’t know what you do different from other nail tech’s but my polish didn’t chip, it just wore off the ends from friction.” lowest price for viagra

Finger baths should not be used as a tool for teaching manicures. Even if they need to charge more for the tuition to purchase cuticle remover, they should purchase cuticle remover! And if there is anyone out there still doubting this theory, try it yourself. Use cuticle remover on one hand and soak the other hand for 5 minutes in water. Then polish both hands, see what hand chips and which one lasts. But you really should take my word for it and ask your manicurist to stop using a finger bath and start using cuticle remover so your manicure lasts for a much longer period of time 🙂

The Cause of Splitting, Peeling Nails and Better Alternative Revealed (USA)

People are always talking about how they wish they knew what was causing their fingernails to split and peel. We hypothesize that we are too hard on our nails while doing the dishes, or use them as tools to peel or pry labels from jars or bottles. But have we ever taken a close look at the tool we use to care for our nanail clippersils at home. where to get viagra in south africa

I have never been a fan of those tricky little metal devils. When my children were born, I had to buy those teeny tiny clippers to trim their ever-growing nails. That is whenI changed my mind about nail clippers being a helpful tool. Lets first talk about the odd shape they are made in. There are curved blade clippers and straight edge blade clippers. Neither one fit the shape of a natural nail plate. The curved blade is curved in the wrong direction! We are trying to fit an arched nail plate into a concave apparatus! And the straight edge clipper gives me the heebie jeebies even more.

I recently made a video showing  your nail plate between the blades and what happens when you squeeze down, the blades actually flatten out your nail. This is such an awful feeling. It feels like the edges of my nail were just going to snap before the blades ever cut through the nail at all. Even if the nail clippers were inserted at an angle the nail still flattened out when the clippers were squeezed. The nail plate is not intended to have excess strain or stress on the layers of the nail plate. And if there is excess force it can crack the adhesion of the keratin that is holding all the layers together.

I don’t know why it took my giving birth and using clippers on my infant son to figure out the nail clippers were actually the culprit of the splitting and peeling nails of my clients. Now when I give a manicure in the salon I use a nail file to shorten the nails 99% of the time. Some clients were still having a problem with their nails splitting and peeling. And would ask what I thought the reason for that was from. I never stopped to ask if they were using clippers on their nails at home. online viagra and cialis

I decided 15 years to never use nail clippers again. I began asking my clients if they were using clippers at home and asked them to stop using them so we could see if the splitting and peeling ceased. I asked them to use a nail file if they felt the need to shorten their nails before their next visit to the salon. The clients nails improved, the splitting and peeling stopped when they started using a nail file to shorten their nails.

I do not even keep clippers at my nail station at the salon. I have had clients ask me to “clip” their nails and I tell them I will shorten them with a file or use my cuticle nippers. When you insert the edge of the cuticle nippers on the edge of the nail plate and squeeze it doesn’t bend the nail. It just shears off the length. I have had one client who just couldn’t get past not using nail clippers. She began to clip her nails at home before coming in for her manicure service. Every visit she came in with chipped, peeling nails. I tried to explain it was from her using the nail clippers but she was not convinced. It took about 6 months before I could convince her to just stop using the nail clippers for 3 appointments. Let me shorten your nails and see if your nail polish chips off and your nails split. She agreed. And now she is a believer. Her nails are doing wonderfully with no chipping, no splitting, no peeling. where to order viagra online

Now if you don’t have a problem with your nails splitting or cracking, that is great. But if you are, and you are using those little metal nail clippers, it may be time to do a little experiment of your own. Go buy a nice nail file to shorten and shape your nails with for a while and let’s see what happens 🙂 viagra sale usa

There is also a video coming out in the next few weeks on my YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8O6B9XeAoG10cKUdYGC3YQ, about how to apply the correct amount of pressure on your nail file to avoid damaging your nail plate, so watch for that. Be sure to subscribe and you will be notified so you can be one of the first to watch it.


One Messy Mama



Nail Tech Talk “5 funniest things that happened in the salon this week.”

nailtechtalktop5Top 5 Funniest Salon Moments This Week

1. My client was late for her appointment. She is never late for her appointments so I was beginning to worry a bit. When she arrived she was frazzled because she hates being late. She immediately started apologizing and said “Oh Lori, Lori I am so sorry I’m late. I was on my way here and I thought, oh my goodness something’s wrong, something’s very wrong, something doesn’t feel right with the accelerator.” To which I responded, “Oh….were you running out of gas?”  She said, “NO! I looked down at the gas pedal and I still had my slippers on! I thought to myself I can’t go in and see Lori looking like this!  I had to turn around and go back home and change my shoes and that is why I am late!” Her delivery had everyone in the room laughing hysterically. was kostet eine viagra pille

2. A client told me a story about a disagreement she had with his sister-in-law, which got pretty heated.  Her sister-in-law just ranted and raved and would not stop. She wouldn’t let my client get a word in and kept interrupting as she responded to her sister-in-law.  She made an effort to shut her up by saying “you really should shut your mouth because I know how to throw a punch and not break a nail!” That shocked her enough to stop talking so my client could respond without further interruptions. Cialis 10 mg

3. A client told me a story about being in one of the recently remodeled schools. She commented on the new configuration at the entrance. (With all the school shootings in the news, the school board voted to beef up security at the school entrance.) She said she felt very intimidated, like she was about to enter a secure building… like a prison.  She had to ring the buzzer and the person on the other end asked what they wanted.  She said she were dropping something off for her son and she was buzzed in. She made a joke saying she was waiting for someone to come out and tell her to “turn to around, put your hands against the wall, spread your legs shoulder width apart…do you have any latex allergies?” while they were getting gloved up! We laughed and laughed. cialis for sale

4. A client told a story about her argumentative 12 year old son.  Her son will not stay in the bathroom whiile he brushes his teeth. He walks around the hallway and into his bedroom and drips toothpaste slobber all over the carpet. She has told him a million times to stay in the bathroom while he brushes and over the sink. Of course the boy never listens.  That night before bed the mother told her son to get a rag and clean the toothpaste off his bedroom floor.  Of course he argued with her that there was no toothpaste on the floor. She pointed out the toothpaste on the floor and told him to get a rag and clean it up. To which he said “how do you knoooow it’s toothpaste?” The mother asked “well what else would it be?” The mother said “I know it’s toothpaste, I see you drip while you walk around, that’s why I tell you to stay in the bathroom to brush your teeth” and started to walk away.  When the boy didn’t think she was looking anymore he got down on his knees and sniffed the carpet! Just one last ditch effort to try and get out of cleaning the carpet!

5. A woman came into the salon and said “Halloway are you f’ing kidding me? I checked out your YouTube channel!” I smiled and thought what in the world is she about to say! She said “357,000 people watched you scrub dead skin off some lady’s feet! And you get paid for that? That is bulls&%t. You need to come over to my house and I will let you rub my foot all up in thoses big bo%&ies. Then lets see how many hits that bad boy gets, because momma needs a new roof!” I couldn’t stop laughing for about 10 minutes! viagra 100 mg best price

Bonus Funny

The last bonus funny is about me.  My husband Bruce made fun of me the entire day after this happened. He told everyone that came into the salon what I said that day.  Let’s just start by saying, I never know what day of the month it is. I just get up and go. And this month is our 20 year anniversary.  We knew we were not going to be able to do anything because of the boys football schedule.  Bruce said we were going to be at the football field on Thursday watching our child’s game. Well, he actually said Tuesday but I remember Thursday. So Thursday came and we got ready for work and got to the salon. I thought oh crap i didn’t tell him Happy Anniversary today! So I got my client settled into the pedicure chair. And went out and gave him a hug and said,”Happy Anniversary”. He started laughing and said “Ah ha I have a witness, did you hear that?” he said to my client. She said “yes that was sweet.” He said, “if I had done something like this she would kill me.” And we were both confused. The client said “that was really sweet of her.” And he said, “yes it would have been if today was our anniversary! Our anniversary is on Tuesday!” To which I said,” What! Today isn’t the 27th? He said no today is the 22nd! UUGGHHHHHH


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