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Newest Nail Trend 2016 “Evanesce Nails”

Newest Nail Trend 2016 “Evanesce Nails”   Beside sounding seductive and beautiful, the word truly fits in the nail industry. It means to gradually fade away. And what better to fade away but the color on the nail plate. The technique of Evanesce Nails is to start with full color on the pinky nail and gradually […]

Fruit Acid May Benefit Your Skin But What Do They Do To Your Acrylic Nails

Fruit Acid May Benefit Your Skin But What Do They Do To Your Acrylic Nails You have heard terms like lactic acid, malic acid, alpha hydroxy acid and glycolic acid. There are many many skin care products on the market that contain fruit acids that benefit your skin.  They all have great exfoliating properties to help […]


Pedicures have tremendous health benefits and no longer considered pampering.

Health Benefits of Pedicures Why do you think people feel so good after they get a pedicure from a licensed nail technician? It may surprise you that it isn’t just the polish color they picked and that’s the truth. If you ask twenty people after their pedicure service why they get a pedicure, most will […]

Protecting our Patrons: The Importance of Disinfection

Salon sanitation is imperative in all salon services. But the one service people worry about the most is having a pedicure. We have all heard horror stories from friends or read about one online. A terrible experience that started with a little voice in their head that told them to turn and leave. But they […]

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